Link bot telegram anonymous chat

link bot telegram anonymous chat

Telegram, the messaging app, is rapidly rising in popularity. Although Russians Nikolai and Pavel Durov founded Telegram in 2013, it has only recently become a serious competitor to messenger giants WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It focuses more on encryption and privacy than the Facebook apps. For example, users can have 'secret chats' and send self-destructing messages (much like Snapchat).

Telegram has also led the way in terms of AI, and it encourages you to make, download and use specialist Telegram bots, although it hasn't yet developed a formal marketplace for these. Although not as yet as well-known as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, Telegram has become popular because of these features: • Fast messaging • Unlimited file sharing size • Being cloud-based, making it totally portable • Accessible on the Web as well as mobile Telegram users can set up channels and broadcast content to their followers.

People subscribe to their favorite channels. Bots are small programs that run inside Telegram that enable automation. Third-party developers make bots using the Telegram Bot API. Telegram does have a few official bots for specific purposes, e.g., @gif and @GDPRbot. Any channel owner can run one or more bots to automate processes in their channels. A chatbot is a specific type of bot.

However, there are multiple other uses for bots. If you can visualize a way to automate a process in Telegram, then you can probably find or write a bot to do the job for you.

Bots can even offer their users HTML5 games to play solo or compete against each other in groups and one-on-one chats. Bots can keep track of high scores for every game played in every chat. Whenever there's a new leader in a game, bots can notify other playing members in the chat that they need to step it up.

The lack of a formal marketplace and official bot creation tool has slowed the acceptance of Telegram bots. Hopefully, Telegram rectifies these glaring omissions before long. In the meantime, you will either need to make your own bot (not as tricky as it link bot telegram anonymous chat when you use link bot telegram anonymous chat bot, BotFather – see below for details) or find an existing app that does what you want. This post suggests some of the best Telegram bots of 2021 that you can use as a starting point.

23 Best Telegram Bots : • 1. AlertBot - @alertbot • 2. BotFather - @BotFather • 3. DeLorean - @delorean_bot • 4. Dr.

Web - @drwebbot • 5. - @dropmailbot • 6. FB Video Download Bot - @FBvidzBot • 7. Feed Reader Bot - @TheFeedReaderBot • 8. File Converter - @newfileconverterbot • 9. File to Bot - @filetobot • 10. GameBot - @gamebot • 11.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

GetMediaBot - @GetMediaBot • 12. GitHubReleasesBot - @GithubReleasesBot • 13. ImageBot - @imagebot • 14. Meme Autobot - @memeautobot • 15. Movies Tracker Bot - @movieS4Bot • 16. PollBot - @pollbot • 17. PosterBot - @pstrbot • 18. RateStickerBot - @ratestickerbot • 19. Sticker Downloader - @stickerdownloadbot • 20. TriviaBot - @triviabot • 21.

TweetItBot - @tweetitbot • 22. URL Shortener Bot - @LinkGeneratorBot • 23. URL2IMG Bot - @url2imgbot What Can Bots Do For You? You can set up bots to automate many of the activities in your channels. For example, you can set up a bot to create reminders about your text messages or help users save files to the cloud. 1. AlertBot - @alertbot AlertBot has a straightforward but helpful purpose.

You can create simple alerts and reminders using the format: /alert time text. 2. BotFather - @BotFather BotFather describes itself as the one Bot to rule them all.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

You can use it to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots. When you go to BotFather within your Telegram app, it links you to help files about Telegram bots as well as the Bot API manual. 3. DeLorean - @delorean_bot You can use the DeLorean bot to send messages to the future, in much the same way that the Doc's DeLorean took Marty McFly Back to the Future in the movie series of that name. You can set a specific time or set a time interval from the current moment.

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4. Dr. Web - @drwebbot Dr. Web ensures the safety of files and links transferred via Telegram; it checks them on the fly. The bot promotes itself as being the first anti-virus bot. You can send files directly to Dr. Web or forward them from other chats. If you prefer, you can add it to a group to check all files and links. 5. - @dropmailbot You can use bot to generate a disposable email address and then receive emails. For example, typing /get will generate a random email address and /start starts a conversation.

It uses the disposable email service, You will most commonly use it if you need a disposable email address for anonymous registrations on distrusted services or websites. 6. FB Video Download Bot - @FBvidzBot You can use FB Video Download Bot to download Facebook videos.

All you need to do is copy the relevant video link from Facebook and paste it into Telegram when you run the bot. 7. Feed Reader Bot - @TheFeedReaderBot The Feed Reader Bot monitors websites and blogs (using RSS feeds), YouTube channels, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and sends messages when new articles or posts are available.

The bot also works in Telegram groups and channels. You can even import existing RSS subscriptions using OPML files. Whenever one of the sites you monitor uploads a new post, you link bot telegram anonymous chat receive a notification in your Telegram inbox. 8. File Converter - @newfileconverterbot You can use this File Converter bot to easily convert image, audio, and video files from one format to another. It supports video messages and audio messages on Telegram and WhatsApp, along with documents, eBooks, and font files.

It currently supports 63 file types across 579 conversions. 9. File to Bot - @filetobot With File to Bot, you can save files to the cloud, with unlimited storage in Link bot telegram anonymous chat. It is multilingual, and the first thing the bot asks you is to select from a range of languages. It then gives you a welcome message saying, "Welcome to the Filetobot Bot (@filetobot). Save your files here. Send me any file, and I will save it in the category. There are no restrictions for personal use.

If you share a file with others, make sure that it does not violate the law". You can use it to give access to files for your friends while chatting with them. 10. GameBot - @gamebot GameBot is one of the more official bots on Telegram. It is a demo for the Telegram Gaming Platform. It allows you to play chat games with friends and links you to a few sample games.

When you start the bot, it presents you with the message: "I can get you 3 fun games to play. Just tap "Play with friends," then choose a chat and select a game." Pick your friend and game, and then you will be able to start your game. 11. GetMediaBot - @GetMediaBot GetMediaBot allows you to download media from anywhere. For example, you can direct download link bot telegram anonymous chat from YouTube, music from Soundcloud, and photos from Instagram.

When you start the bot, it gives you links to search videos and search music. In addition, you can click buttons to search lyrics, direct download, download Instagram stories. 12. GitHubReleasesBot - @GithubReleasesBot This is a chatbot that notifies you via Telegram whenever a followed GitHub repository has a new release.

You begin by selecting the GitHub repositories you want to follow with a /follow command. Then, you can view the ones you have followed with /list. If you later change your mind, you can /unfollow.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

13. ImageBot - @imagebot ImageBot was initially built as a sample bot by Telegram's beta testers. It link bot telegram anonymous chat a simple bot to fetch images when you request.

For example, you use /get for pictures and /getgif for GIFs. 14. Meme Autobot - @memeautobot Memes can quickly go viral nowadays and have seen widespread use.

This bot can generate memes for you quickly and with little fuss. 15. Movies Tracker Bot - @movieS4Bot This Movies Tracker Bot will provide you with information about a film from IMDB.

This is a Bots for Telegram bot (from S4 Dynamics). You search for a film by using the command /search filmName, making sure to enclose the film name in single quotes if it is more than one word. 16. PollBot - @pollbot PollBot is one of the Telegram beta tester's bots. It creates simple polls, which you can then share with a group. 17. PosterBot - @pstrbot PosterBot helps you send posts from different social networks to your Telegram channels.

You can send posts from Instagram, VK, RSS-feeds, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, other Telegram channels, and social services to your channels and chats. It offers many customization options, including the types of posts, filtration of ads and keywords, attachment delivery, and the hours when the bot will send messages.

You can also customize the appearance of messages. For example, the Bot will create reaction buttons or insert additional text. 18. RateStickerBot - @ratestickerbot This bot lets you rate random stickers and discover new sticker sets. You can also send a sticker to the bot, and it will return the sticker's rating based on other people's votes.

You can select any sticker you want to use in your Telegram chats by double-tapping it and pressing 'Add' to see its sticker set. 19. Sticker Downloader - @stickerdownloadbot You can use this app to download any Telegram sticker in jpg, png, and webp formats, or a whole sticker pack in zip form. You can use these stickers on your other messenger apps or as part of a custom sticker pack. 20. TriviaBot - @triviabot TriviaBot is another sample bot made by Telegram's beta testers.

It presents you with a series of multi choice trivia questions. When you are ready, you can type /stats to see how well you have performed. You can add it to groups if you'd like to compete with friends. 21. TweetItBot - @tweetitbot TweetItBot is a Telegram bot that acts as a Twitter client. You can use it to tweet anything you send it, including photos, videos, stickers, and gifs. You can use inline buttons to reply, retweet, like, or delete tweets.

You can also use it in line to search tweets. 22. URL Shortener Bot - @LinkGeneratorBot This URL Shortener Bot shortens long URLs, using sites like and Long URLs can be unwieldy and unreadable, and a link shortener like this bot makes them more manageable. 23. URL2IMG Bot - @url2imgbot Although this bot's name may seem like a tumbled mixture of letters and numbers at first appearance, if you read it carefully, it describes what the bot does – taking a web page (URL) and turning it into an image (IMG) as a screenshot.

Akhir Kata Yang membuat viral kanal ini, tak lain karena banyaknya percakapan lucu yang terjadi pada kanal tersebut. Sebelum saya membahas bagaimana cara menggunakan Anonymous Chat di Telegram, saya akan membahas terlebih dahulu mengenai kanal yang tengah menjadi perbincangan hangat ini. Apa itu Anonymous Chat Telegram?

Anonymous Link bot telegram anonymous chat di Telegram adalah sebuah kanal yang menghubungkan sesama pengguna aplikasi Telegram untuk berkomunikasi satu sama lain secara anonim (tidak diketahui). Maksud dari anonim sendiri artinya ketika menggunakan kanal ini untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang lain, identitas kamu tidak akan diketahui oleh lawan komunikasi kamu.

Begitupun sebaliknya, kamu juga tidak dapat mengetahui siapa dibalik lawan bicara kamu sebenarnya. Dengan demikian, identitas masing-masing antar lawan bicara dapat terjaga. Namun jangan khawatir, walaupun demikian, apabila kamu ingin berkenalan lebih lanjut, kamu masih tetap bisa membagikan username Telegram kamu untuk dapat mutualan dengan orang tersebut.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

Link Anonymous Chat Telegram Bagi kamu yang ingin mencoba berbincang dengan orang yang tidak dikenal melalui kanal Anonymous Chat di Telegram, tentu saja kamu harus mengetahui terlebih dahulu nama, username atau link channelnya terlebih dahulu.

Nama dari kanal ini sendiri jelas adalah Anonymous Chat, kamu bisa membuka kanal ini dengan mengetikan nama tersebut pada kolom pencarian di Telegram. Untuk username kanalnya sendiri, Anonymous Chat memiliki username @anonxbot.

Username ini dapat kamu cari dan temukan juga melalui fitur pencarian di Telegram. Sementara untuk link dari Anonymous Chat sendiri dapat kamu akses melalui tautan

Tentu saja, kanal ini dapat kamu akses melalui aplikasi maupun browser. Cara Menggunakan Anonymous Chat Telegram Jika kamu ingin mencoba berkomunikasi dengan orang lain tanpa diketahui identitasnya, kamu bisa menggunakan cara yang akan saya sampaikan berikut ini.

Berikut adalah cara menggunakan Anonymous Chat di Telegram: • Masuk ke kanal Anonymous Chat melalui link bot telegram anonymous chat atau tautan link yang telah saya bagikan di atas. • Kemudian ketuk tombol Start. • Selanjutnya, tunggulah hingga ada balasan Partner found. • Setelah ada balasan seperti itu, artinya kamu telah terhubung dengan orang lain. • Kamu bisa memulai melakukan percakapan dengan orang tersebut. • Jika ingin selesai, ketik kode perintah /stop.

Sementara jika ingin mencari orang baru, kamu hanya perlu mengetik /next. • Apabila kamu di skip atau telah mengetik /stop sebelumnya, cara untuk menemukan lawan komunikasi baru yakni dengan mengetik /search.

Kode Perintah Bot Anonymous Chat Setiap kanal di Telegram, pasti memiliki kode perintah yang dapat memudahkan kamu untuk melakukan sesuatu di kanal tersebut tanpa menggunakan cara manual.

Adapun kode perintah bot Telegram yang terdapat dari kanal Anonymous adalah sebagai berikut: • /search : kode perintah untuk mencari lawan bicara. • /next : untuk mencari partner baru saat sedang berkomunikasi dengan partner saat ini. • /stop : untuk berhenti berkomunikasi. • /settings : menambahkan pengaturan gender agar pencarian lawan komunikasi lebih relevan.

• /sharelink : membagikan link Telegram kamu ke lawan bicara kamu. • /terms : merupakan halaman syarat dan ketentuan penggunaan kanal. • /help : bantuan Anonymous Chat yang berisi definisi dan kode perintah bot.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

Akhir Kata Selain dapat digunakan untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang lain secara anonim. Melalui kanal ini, kamu juga bisa mengirim pesan suara, video, stiker, gif, foto, dan link. Melalui kanal ini, kamu bisa chattingan dengan orang lain yang tidak kamu kenal secara anonim atau link bot telegram anonymous chat diketahui.

Kini kamu bisa curhat atau link bot telegram anonymous chat percakapan lucu dengan orang lain yang tidak kamu kenal. Mungkin hanya segitu dulu hal yang dapat saya sampaikan kali ini mengenai Anonymous Chat di Telegram, semoga informasi ini bisa bermanfaat. Apabila masih ada yang ingin ditanyakan terkait hal ini, kamu bisa komentar di bawah.
A Telegram chatbot is an automated conversation partner on Telegram.

It facilitates a conversation between a person and a computer. Where you would normally talk with another person on Telegram, you are now talking with a computer. And based on the things you say or the questions you ask, the chatbot will automatically give an answer back to you. Telegram is one of the biggest messaging apps in the world, with 400 million active monthly users: Also, the platform is growing fast. Every day, 1.5 million new users sign up for Telegram: This means that a lot of people are already on Telegram and that the number of users is expanding rapidly.

With so many people on the platform, it is likely that your customers will also be there. And where your customers, you need to be. So now you understand why you should use Telegram, why should you use a chatbot? Actually, I created an extensive post about this, but here are some of the main reasons: • You can save time and money on customer service • It can boost your sales • With a chatbot, you can reply in seconds, instead of days • Your chatbot is 24/7 available, all over the world • People are open to using chatbots, as long as they get good help Besides this, Telegram also has some advantages over other channels, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have strict rules regarding their chatbot, such as the 24-hour window. But with Telegram, we have no such rules (yet), which is a huge advantage! Also, with Telegram you can use chatbots in groups, which is not possible with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

A chatbot on Telegram works pretty simple. When someone sends a message to your Telegram chatbot, the chatbot tries to understand that message and answer it, just like any normal person would do.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

Here is an example: • A user starts a conversation with a Telegram chatbot of an eCommerce company. The user asks “What are your top products?” • The chatbot understand this message and recognizes the words “top products” • Based on those words, it searches the product database for their best selling products • Ultimately, the chatbot will send a message back with the best selling products of their company.

Pretty simple, right? Let’s start by creating our chatbot. I will show you how you can: • Setup a greeting message when somebody starts a conversation on Telegram • Automatically reply to questions on Telegram • Send the chat to a human when the chatbot does not understand a question The first thing that you need to do is create your free Xenioo account by clicking the button below: Create free Xenioo account Xenioo is the chatbot builder I am going to use for this tutorial.

And with Xenioo you can create one chatbot and put it on more than 10 channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, but most important: Telegram. Once you’ve created your Xenioo account and are logged in, you can just click on Create new bot: And now you see that Xenioo automatically creates a bot with an example flow in it: Let’s move on with creating the greeting message.

The next step is to setup the greeting message of your chatbot. This is also called the welcome message. The greeting message is the message that appears when somebody starts a conversation with your chatbot. What we are going to do, is that we are first going to delete a message from the Start Interaction in Xenioo: Then, you can just click on the first message and change it to the following: Hey {{first_name}}!

I’m the chatbot of Company XYZ. Do you want to talk to Sales or Support? And under this message we will show two buttons: One for Sales and one for Support. So just click on the first button (First Option) and change the button title to “Sales”, remove the Alternate Text and set the Trigger Text Expression also to “Sales”: And then you can do the same thing for the second button: Then we will click on the “First Button Clicked” block and change the name to “Sales”: And we can do the same thing for Support, so that it looks like this: Inside the “Sales” block, we can change the message link bot telegram anonymous chat Allright, I will link bot telegram anonymous chat you to someone at Sales.

And remove the rest of the elements in this block, and add a new action: Choose for the Set Chat Operator State: Set the mode to “Operator Take Over”, assign a “Less Busy” operator and select only online operators: What this will do is that Xenioo will let a human take over the chat and send a notification to a less busy operator that is currently online. By the way, it is also possible to choose an operator from a certain group (in this case: Sales group). You can assign groups to team members in Xenioo under Settings –> Team.

I also show this in the video above 😉 Now, we can basically do the same thing for Support. Just copy the message from Sales and copy the Chat Operator State element to the Message block and change it a bit, so that it looks like this: So we created our greeting message, but we also need to send this message when somebody starts a conversation with your chatbot.

And to do that, we need to set up a Global Bot Operation in Xenioo. Just click on the Art icon on the top that says View Global Bot Operations: Aadd a new bot operation: And choose for the Text Parse: Then you need to: • Set the Control expression to “hey-hi-hello” • Set the Target Variable to “last_user_message” • Check the “Can Bypass Input State” • Set the Behavior to “Your Main Bot Behavior” • And the interaction to “Start Interaction” What this will do is that when a user says hey or hi or hello (the “-” means or), it will automatically respond with the flow we just created!

So basically, when a user starts a conversation, the greeting message will be sent. The next step is to automatically reply to questions. And we will start by adding a new flow to our chatbot by clicking on the + icon: By the way, in Xenioo a chatbot flow is called a “behavior”. Just so you know 😉 When you click on the settings on the right side of the builder, we can change link bot telegram anonymous chat name of the flow: And we change the name to “Opening times”: This flow will give an answer to a pretty simple question: What are your opening times?

So, we can just change the text inside the Start Interaction to: We are open every day from 09:00 to 17:00. Basically, that’s it. But to let this respond to certain questions we actually need to use the AI feature of Xenioo. In the top bar, click on AI: And then we can add a new intent by clicking on Add intent: Set the name to “Opening times” and set the language to “English”: And also Enable Automatic Training on the Auto-Train tab: And this is a great feature.

Because now every time your chatbot thinks someone is asking about opening times, it will use that question to improve itself. By doing this, your chatbot will get smarter and smarter and you don’t have to do anything yourself. Next, we need to add training phrases so that your chatbot can actually understand questions of the user.

For this intent, we will add three training phrases: • When are you open? • What are your opening times? • Are you open in the weekend? Then, you need to go “Train & Test” and fill in one of those sentences to check whether the chatbot has been trained correctly: As you can see, when you type in “What are your opening times”, the chatbot recognizes the Opening Times intent (we just created).

If we go back to our chatbot, we can add a new global bot operation. But instead of going for the Text Parse, we should choose NLP Processing: And set the: • Intent to “Opening times” • Check the “Can Bypass Input State” • Set the behavior to “Opening times” • And the interaction to “Start Interaction” Now if anyone is asking about your opening times, your chatbot will automatically reply to it.

The last thing we are going to do is send the chat to a human when the chatbot doesn’t understand a question. And in Xenioo, this is called the Fallback Interaction, the message that will appear when the chatbot doesn’t understand question. So that is the message we need to edit.

If you go to your Main Bot Behavior, we can change the text of the fallback interaction to: Sorry, I didn’t understand you. Do you want me to forward this to a human? Then, we can clone the Fallback interaction twice by clicking on the tools icon and choosing Clone: And change the name of the blocks to “Yes” and “No”, just as we did before: Now, we need to add a new action to the Fallback interaction and choose the Quick Reply button: And we will set the Button Title and Trigger Text expression to “yes”, and connect it with the “Yes” interaction: Then you can clone this button and set it for the “No” option, so the eventual flow looks like this: If someone clicks on the “Yes” button, then we want the chatbot to say: Okay, I am sending you to one of my human friends 🙂 And then we can clone the Operator Take Over Chat that we set up before and drag it to this block: And for the “No” option, we just are going to add the following text: No worries 🙂 So now when the chatbot doesn’t understand a question, it will ask “Do you want me to forward this to a human?” And then when the user says “Yes”, he is being connected to a live chat agent.

And when the user says “No”, the chatbot will say “No worries”. But when you go to the Opening Times flow, you will see that there is also a Fallback interaction there. With Xenioo, you can have a seperate fallback interaction per chatbot flow. But this is not something that we want, we want one fallback interaction for the complete chatbot. So you just need to delete the text from the Fallback Interaction, add a new action and choose the Include Behavior Interaction (Under Flow): Then, you need to set the link bot telegram anonymous chat to “Your Main Bot Behavior” and the interaction to “Fallback Interaction”: What this does, is that you are basically telling Xenioo that we want to use the Fallback interaction from the Main Bot Behavior flow (the one we just created).

And now your chatbot will automatically respond when it doesn’t understand a question! Now that we’ve created our chatbot, it’s time to connect it to Telegram.

In Xenioo, you can click on Publish in the top-bar of the flow builder: Choose for Telegram: And then you will see that you need to fill in a Telegram API Token, which you need to get from Telegram itself. Now, we need to go to Telegram and talk with the BotFather (this sounds almost like a joke, but I am serious).

Go to Telegram, search for BotFather, start a chat and click on “Start” at the bottom. Then, BotFather will automatically respond with a list of commands you can use to create a Telegram bot using the Telegram Bot API: So, now you need to say “/newbot” to create your chatbot. The BotFather will ask for the name and the username of the bot and will automatically create a Telegram API Token for us: NOTE: Don’t share this API token with anyone else besides yourself!

Just copy and paste that Link bot telegram anonymous chat token into Xenioo: And now you chatbot is connected to Telegram! If you click on the link given by the BotFather (in my case:, you can talk with your chatbot: And that’s it! That’s how you create your own Telegram chatbot without using a single line of code.

P.S. If you also want to add your Telegram chatbot to a Telegram Group, you need to check out this post. ActiveChat Pros • Support multiple channels: Website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS • Advanced website widget: widget in your own corporate identity and you can send messages based on the page the user is on • One of the best eCommerce integrations I have ever seen in a chatbot builder (with Shopify & WooCommerce) • Built-in live chat • Dialogflow integration Cons • The interface has a little higher learning curve than other chatbot builders • Minimal analytics • No Zapier/Integromat integration • You would expect more channels for the price they ask Botmother Pros • Easy-to-use interface • Many chatbot elements • Put chatbot on 6 channels • Built-in live chat • Accept payments inside your chatbot Cons • Hard to set up a chatbot • Cannot set welcome message • Cannot determine default reply • Keyword recognition does not work • Minimal marketing possibilities • Minimal analytics Botpress Pros • Free open-source platform • Easy-to-use visual flow builder • Host your chatbot in-house • Built-in, advanced AI & NLP • Put your chatbot on 8 channels • Built-in live chat Cons • Hard to set up a chatbot in the beginning • No Zapier/Integromat integration • Limited marketing possibilities • Minimal analytics Crisp Pros • Easy-to-use visual flow builder • Built-in AI • Can easily translate chatbot to multiple languages • Put your chatbot on 6 channels • Built-in live chat + iOS/Android app • Zapier integration • Advanced native website widget Cons • Takes some time to fully understand interface • Minimal chatbot elements • Cannot send broadcasts and sequences • Limited marketing possibilities Engati Pros • Easy-to-use Visual Flow Builder • Many chatbot elements • Add custom fields to users and segment them • Built-in AI & NLP • Supports 11 different channels to put your chatbot on • Built-in live chat • Direct integration with Zapier, Google Calendar & Google Sheets • Good analytics Cons • Limited marketing tools • Could become expensive if you want all the features • No eCommerce integrations Flow XO Pros • Easy to build conversations for your chatbot • Offer many channels: Website, Facebook, SMS, Slack and Telegram.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

• Integration with WooCommerce and it is possible to buy something within the chatbot • Has a built-in live chat Cons • Not possible to add tags to users and make user segments • No integration with Zapier or Integromat • Minimal analytics Pros • Easy-to-use visual flow builder • A lot of chatbot elements • Add custom fields/tags and create user segments • Send broadcasts & sequences • Easily translate your chatbot to multiple languages • Built-in AI Engine • Put your chatbot on 10 channels • Built-in live chat • Zapier integration Cons • No eCommerce integrations • Could be a bit expensive for smaller companies • Not possible to automatically reply to Facebook comments Pandorabots Pros • Easy-to-use interface • Open source chatbot link bot telegram anonymous chat • Built-in AI • Put chatbot on 8 channels • Built-in live chat • Easily copy and share chatbot flows Cons • Need to code to build a good chatbot • Cannot store custom fields • Livechat only available on web chat and landing page • Need to manually activate live chat per conversation • Limited marketing possibilities • Minimal analytics SnatchBot Pros • You can add custom fields to your users • Possible to send broadcasts • Use conditions in your chatbot flows • Built-in AI & NLP • You can put your chatbot on 10 different channels • Built-in live chat • Zapier integration • You can receive payments within your chatbot • Low pricing Cons • Interface is hard to use and takes some time to understand it • Cannot send sequences to your users • Limited marketing possibilities • Minimal analytics Trengo Pros • Easy-to-use interface • Add custom fields and tags • Easily translatable to multiple languages • Dialogflow integration • Supports 10 different channels • Built-in live chat • One of the best native website widgets ever seen Cons • Limited marketing possibilities • Minimal analytics • No templates Ubisend Pros • Easy-to-use visual flow builder • Lots of validation options • AI integrations with DialogFlow, & IBM • Supports 5 channels • Built-in live chat • Advanced analytics Cons • Cannot send a broadcast to part of your audience • No sequences • Limited marketing possibilities • No templates Xenioo Pros • Easy-to-use interface • Many advanced chatbot elements • You can add custom fields and tags • Advanced AI & NLP • Put your chatbot on 14 different channels • Native website widget • Built-in live chat • Decent pricing Cons • Can take some time before you understand the interface • Minimal analytics Want to generate leads and get more customers?

Get access to my new course: Lead Generation System. A proven, step-by-step on generating leads and converting them into actual-paying customers.The Lead Generation System is now available for only €99 and covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Generate leads and customers Akhir Kata Aplikasi Telegram adalah salah satu aplikasi pengolah pesan yang cukup populer saat ini.

Pada awalnya Telegram memang digunakan untuk berkomunikasi, tapi dengan banyaknya fitur yang tersedia akhirnya Telegram juga digunakan untuk keperluan lainnya.

Untuk fitur standar komunikasi Telegram sendiri terbilang cukup lengkap. Terdapat fitur chatting, telepon suara dan link bot telegram anonymous chat telepon video. Selain itu Telegram juga memiliki username untuk memudahkan pengguna menggunakannya.

Namun seperti yang kita tahu saat ini Telegram juga digunakan untuk keperluan lain seperti menonton film, mendownload lagu sampai dengan mencari teman baru. Salah satu yang paling populer untuk bertemu dengan orang baru adalah anonymous chat. Dengan anonymous chat ini pengguna bisa chattingan dengan orang lain yang tidak dikenal dan juga tanpa identitas. Oleh karena itu chat anonim ini memang sangatlah digandrungi dan banyak pengguna yang penasaran dan link bot telegram anonymous chat.

Namun tak sedikit juga ternyata yang telah bosan dengan chat anonymous dan mencari alternatif lain. Lantas apakah ada bot Telegram chat selain anonymous? Simak sampai habis. Bot Chat Anonymous Seperti yang telah disebutkan chat anonymous ini adalah sebuah fitur bot yang bisa digunakan untuk keperluan sosial. Tiap pengguna Telegram bisa saling bertemu dan berinteraksi di Telegram, namun tidak menampakkan identitas asli.

Sehingga kamu bisa berkenalan secara privat dan mungkin tidak melanjutkan ya jika memang tidak cocok. Meski anonim, namun chat anonymous ini memang sangat menarik untuk dicoba. Banyak juga yang memanfaatkannya sengaja untuk berkenalan dengan teman baru. Namun hati hati chat ini benar benar rahasia sehingga kamu tidak akan tahu rekan ini benar benar laki laki atau benar benar perempuan dengan pasti. Akan tetapi nampaknya pengguna bot chat anonymous juga telah mulai bosan dengan bot ini.

Bot Telegram Chat Selain Anonymous Jadi apakah ada bot chat selain anonymous di Telegram? Jawabannya adalah ada. Berikut adalah beberapa bot chat lain selain anonymous. 1. Random Chatss Bot Yap sesuai dengan namanya, fitur bot ini juga memungkinkan pengguna untuk bertemu dengan pengguna lain secara anonim dan secara acak. Namun berbeda dengan anonymous disini kamu masih bisa melihat sedikit identitas lawan bicara seperti gender dan usianya.

Jika penasaran mencoba bot yang satu ini, bisa cari saja namanya adalah Random Chatss Bot. Kamu bisa ketikan @RandomChatssBot atau bisa juga langsung klik link berikut: 2. Roleplay Bot Nama roleplay sendiri memang sudah tidak asing ya.

Link bot telegram anonymous chat di kalangan pengguna Telegram Indonesia. Roleplay sendiri merupakan salah satu permainan dimana orang akan menggunakan identitas palsu untuk bermain. Bisa identitas artis atau idola atau bisa identitas siapapun.

Ketika kita mendengar Roleplayer bot tentu ini adalah bot yang ditujukan untuk bertemu dengan pemain Rp yang lain. Jika kamu ingin mencobanya, bisa cari Roleplayer bot ini dengan nama AnakRpBot.

Sesuai dengan nama bot tersebut kita pasti sudah tahu bahwa bot inu juga bikinan warganet Indonesia. Untuk lebih mudahnya bisa klik link berikut: 3. AnonRuBot Bagi kamu yang tengah mencari bot Telegram selain Anonymous Chat.

Kamu bisa mencoba AnonRuBot. Pada dasarnya bot yang satu ini hampir mirip dengan Anonymous Chat lho. Namun, hanya saja yang membedakan bot yang satu ini dengan bot Anonymous Chat terletak pada orang-orang yang menggunakannya. Pada bot ini kebanyakan orang yang menggunakannya adalah orang Russia.

Sementara Anonymous Chat sendiri kebanyakan orang lokal. Nah bagi kamu yang sedang mencari cara mencari teman luar negeri di Telegram. Kamu bisa mencoba bot yang satu ini yaa.

Cara Menggunakan Bot Chat Telegram Setelah mengetahui nama bot, untuk menggunakannya sendiri sangatlah mudah. Langsung saja ikuti panduan berikut. • Buka aplikasi Telegram lalu pada menu dashboard klik ikon pencarian yang ada di kanan atas.

• Langsung masukkan nama bot yang telah disebutkan tadi pada kolom pencarian. • Cari lalu jika ketemu bisa langsung buka bot tersebut. • Kemudian tinggal klik tombol start untuk memulai mencari rekan bicara dan tunggu beberapa saat.

Bagaimana mudah bukan? Dengan cara tersebut sekarang anda sudah bisa menggunakan fitur bot chat di Telegram. Selamat mencoba guys. Akhir Kata Nah itulah tadi sedikit penjelasan mengenai bot link bot telegram anonymous chat chat selain anonymous yang sedang dicari cari warganet. Jika masih ada pertanyaan lain seputar bot Telegram bisa spill di kolom komentar ya. Mungkin sekian dulu penjelasan kali ini. Semoga informasinya bermanfaat dan terima kasih. - Telegram memiliki fitur yang memungkinkan pengguna chatting dengan orang lain, tanpa diketahui nama maupun gender, alias secara anonim.

Fitur ini dapat dimanfaatkan pengguna untuk saling terhubung atau berkenalan dengan pengguna Telegram lainnya yang enggan menampilkan identitas aslinya, baik mengetahui nama akun atau gender masing-masing. Fitur ini dapat diaktifkan melalui anonymous telegram link di Link tersebut akan menampilkan chat bot yang berisi beberapa menu yang memungkinkan pengguna melakukan aktivitas chatting secara anonim. Baca juga: Cara Membuat Secreto, Kirim Pesan Rahasia Secara Anonim di Instagram, WhatsApp, dan TikTok Adapun akun anonymous sendiri merupakan akun yang dibuat pengguna media sosial agar tidak diketahui identitas asli pemilik akun tersebut.

Lantas bagaimana cara mengaktifkan link anonymous telegram? Berikut ini KompasTekno merangkum beberapa langkahnya.

link bot telegram anonymous chat

Cara menggunakan link anonymous Telegram Link Anonim Telegram • Kunjungi link berikut ini di Telegram Anda • Setelah itu akan muncul ruang percakapan “Anonymous Chat” • Ketik /search untuk memulai percakapan random dengan pengguna lain • Chat bot akan menampikan menu /next untuk mencari mitra link bot telegram anonymous chat atau ketik /stop yang dapat Anda pilih ketika ingin menghentikan percakapan • Setelah melakukan percakapan, Anda diminta untuk memberikan feedback mengenai mitra chatting dengan memilih ikon jempol like atau unlike • Jika merasa terganggu dengan percakapan yang sudah dilakukan, pengguna dapat memilih meu “Report” Di link anonymous telegram khususnya pada room chat, pengguna juga dihadapkan dengan berbagai menu seperti memilih mitra chat berdasarkan umur, jenis kelamin, dan bahasa apa yang ingin digunakan.

Baca juga: Cara Mengubah Akun Jadi Anonim di Google Docs Namun perlu menjadi catatan untuk memilih gender mitra chat, hanya pengguna premium yang dapat mengaktifkannya. Selain menu-menu di atas, pengguna juga dapat membagikan link akun Telegramnya ke mitra chatting dengan memilih menu/ sharelink.

Itulah cara menggunakan link anonymous Telegram. Semoga membantu. Harga iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, dan iPhone 13 Mini Terbaru 2022

link bot telegram anonymous chat