Animal sounds

animal sounds

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animal sounds

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• Teacher Resources • Contents • 1 List of animal sounds • 2 See also • 3 References • 4 External links Certain words in the English language represent animal sounds: the noises and vocalizations of particular animals, especially noises used by animals for communication. The words can be used as verbs or interjections in addition to nouns, and many of them are also specifically onomatopoeic.

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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Elk: A Falcon Field Guide. Morris Book Publishing. p. 47. ISBN 9780762776269. Elk vocalizations aren't reserved just for the bulls. Cows and . Animal sounds may respond to the cow calls with their own low bleats. When large .

animal sounds

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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animal sounds

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Attr-Noncom 3.0 Unported Brant Geese Foraging A flock of Brant Geese Foraging in a park recording by Tony Phillips.

The Brant Goose Branta bernicla, a goose animal sounds the genus Branta, is known in North America as Brant, Brent Goose or Black Brant. The spelling Brant is the original one brent came animal sounds on. Attribution 3.0 Cicada This is the rare sound of a 7 or 17 year cicada, one of the rarest of the 250 known cicada species. These bugs which i have very fond memories of as a child, can and do stay hidden underground for up to 17 years and then come out again, mate and then bury themselves for another 17 years.

Awesome little insects!

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