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Buy a first table tennis shoe is very important! You don’t want to ruin your footwork by using the wrong shoe. Today, I present the best table tennis shoes to buy. In this tutorial, you will learn: • How to choose the good table tennis shoes • Know how to choose the right size for your feet • Top 6 table tennis shoes to buy ∎ Page Contents ∎ • Do we really need a pair of shoes in table tennis?

• How to ping pong shoe good shoes • Top 06 best table tennis shoes • 1. Joola Rally Blue • 2. Mizuno Wave Drive 7 • 3. Joola Vivid Petrol • 4. Energy Force XII Shoes • 5. Butterfly Lezoline (Timo Boll’s shoes) • 6. Li-ning shoes (CNT Ma Long) • Three types of foot • How to determine your foot morphology? • Lacing technique for table tennis shoes • Are badminton shoes good for table tennis?

• Sizing Chart Instructions • Table tennis shoes for the Chinese National Team Do we really need a pair of shoes in table tennis? A player asked me “What is the best footwear for my table tennis?” Is it worth buying a pair of shoes to play table tennis? The answer is Absolute Yes! Don’t ruin your footwork ( 4 movement patterns) by using bad and inappropriate shoes. Table tennis is a specific sport.

It requires you to do a lot of quick and small step footwork and also a lot of lateral movement. That’s the reason why, table tennis shoe is not the same as running shoe, tennis shoes, basket shoes or other indoor shoe. Choosing the wrong shoes, not only prevent you to do the correct footwork, but it can also introduce the injury in table tennis. Especially “ankle injury” which is very common in table tennis.

Top players have the injury due to intense competition and training. Amateur players can have the injury due to bad shoes: high heel, slippy outer sole or bad support shoes. An ankle injury is very common in table tennis. Choosing the right shoe will reduce the injury risk How to choose good shoes There are many table tennis shoes from different brands: Butterfly, DHS, ASICS, DONIC, Stiga, Ping pong shoe, Mizuno, Adidas, etc.

Here is my advice when you want to buy your first shoes for table tennis. I recommend you to buy cheap, and good quality table tennis shoes. Based on my coaching experience, a good table tennis shoe should be light, thin outsole, low heel cap, and good protection on two sides.

• Don’t use running shoe in table tennis. Too thick outsole and high heel cap will prevent you to move side by side and can cause injury easily. • Table tennis shoe needs thin and grippy outsole for excellent grip on the floor. • It also has the flat heel, and good support to protect your foot to jump side by side. Amateur players should choose his first table tennis shoes carefully • Firstly, I will buy a cheap shoe. I won’t spend 200 dollars for a table tennis shoe. Because most of the shoe is made in China, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

I’m using a 50 dollars shoes for more than 2 years, and I don’t have any problem with these shoes. • Secondly, I recommend you to buy light shoes. Not heavier than 200 g/shoe. You need a light shoe for fast footwork in table tennis. Ping pong shoe light shoe also has light-weight mesh fabric with as little leather as possible. And ping pong shoe is also Breathable (so your feet don’t get too hot).

• And lastly, Ping pong shoe prefer thin outer sole but grippy sole. We don’t need thick support sole. Because, in table tennis, the floor is normally gerfloor or gym floor (sprung floor), which absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. So thinner and lighter sole is better! Please remember: light, flat outsole, low heel cap and breathable is best shoe! Top 6 Best Table Tennis Handles [Advantage Comparison] Top 06 best table tennis shoes You can have your favorite brands.

So I recommend you to buy the table tennis shoes during serious training. Don’t use running shoes or tennis shoes! Here are some of my favorite shoes: ( listed in my Influencer page) • Joola Rally Blue • Mizuno Wave Drive 7 • Joola Vivid Petrol • Energy Force XII Shoes • Butterfly Lezoline • Li-ning CNT Ma Long Here is my conclusion: • If you want to buy cheap and good shoes (less than 50 dollars), you won’t go wrong with Joola Rally shoes ( check price).

• If you can afford expensive shoes (100 dollars range), comfortable, and light shoe, go for Mizuno Wave Drive 7 ( more info/ check price). • If you ping pong shoe a professional-grade shoe, Butterfly Lezoline ( check price) is the best shoe for you. So, here are some good and well-known table tennis shoes. You won’t go wrong with these shoes. 1. Joola Rally Blue If you don’t know which shoes to buy.

I recommend you Joola Rally Blue. Why? Because it’s so classic! Every young player in my club uses it! Cheap, durable (more than 2 years), and breathable.

You won’t have any problem with it. Ping pong shoe and stylish and looking good and good price! Joola Rally Blue Joola Rally blue ( Check price/ Read review / Order) is trendy and professional looking.

It gives a good grip on most surfaces. On really slippery surfaces, you can try Mizuno shoes which provides a much better grip. 2. Mizuno Wave Drive 7 If money is not your problem, then you can buy more expensive shoes. Mizuno is well known and expensive shoes ( Check price/ More info/ Read review).

It is light! The cushioning and support are good too! Many professionals who use Mizuno shoes. They have a good grip even when they are old. But more importantly, they are light ( about 270g) and very comfortable from the first time you put them on.

MIZUNO table tennis shoes WAVE DRIVE 7 Wave Drive A7 is very famous, especially in Asian. You will see a lot of professional Asian players play with A7. It’s a unisex shoe that means it fit for both male or female table tennis player. Very good shoes! I like this one because it’s very light and comfortable on my feet! 3.

Joola Vivid Petrol Joola vivid is the new model 2018 of Joola. If you want the latest model, then here it is. I recommend you to buy Joola shoes. The new model is Vivid. Why? Because Joola shoe is cheap. The quality is good. I don’t have any problem with Joola shoes. The latest model of Joola Shoe in 2018 are Joola Vivid Petrol and Joola Vivid Hellblau-rosa. Vivid Petrol has a nice color combination. Young and dynamic! The support for two sides is good (help you jump side by side).

The sole gives a good grip, and it’s not too thick, which is good. Ping pong shoe a little bit heavy, but it’s OK. It’s rather durable, I have used a Joola shoe for more than 2 years. For this new model, you can buy it directly on the Joola shop ( Buy online / Check Price / Ping pong shoe model) Joola Shoe Vivid Hellblau-rosa Joola Shoe Vivid Petrol 4.

Energy Force XII Shoes The Energy Force 12 Shoe ( Read review / Check price 1 / Check price 2) is the latest edition in the Energy Force Series from Butterfly. Very light and anti-slip. Very well looking shoes as well. Energy Force 12 has many of the benefits of its predecessors such as NC Rubber, P–Gel, Magic Ventilation, and other popular features. “Quick Counter” was designed for Energy Force 12 by analyzing the footwork of top players. Quick Counter is installed in the heel to prevent sliding due to the intensive side to side footwork.

The Energy Force Series from Butterfly is joint–developed and produced by ASICS. Energy Force XII Shoes 5. Butterfly Lezoline (Timo Boll’s shoes) Butterfly Lezoline ping pong shoe ( Check price/ Read review/ Order) are the favorite shoes of many professional table tennis players, including Timo Boll. Shoes are light and really breathable. Perfect table tennis shoe. Very comfortable, light, with perfect grip.

There is no bad odor even after many hours of practicing. Timo Boll is using Butterfly Lezoline shoes (ping pong sneakers) These shoes are phenomenal! The support from the shoes is great.

Highly recommend sport orthotic insole. It’s similar to the Asics Gel shoes which are recommended by many players. Butterfly table tennis shoes Butterfly Lezoline model 6. Li-ning shoes (CNT Ma Long) If you have smaller feet, you can choose Li-ning shoes. Li-ning National Team Shoes ( Check price/ Read review/ Order) is the China National Team Sponsor. Ma Long shoes Li Ning Whirlwind The outer side of the sole is designed to prevent rollover, securely support for both feet, high protection while playing table tennis.

The textile material with mesh vents makes shoes more breathable. Li-ning Whirlwind shoes Li-Ning Shoe sole anti-slip and shock-absorption Three types of foot Before choosing your shoes, you need to understand your feet.

Do you know that human has 3 types of foot? Chinese National Team measures the foot morphology for each player. I will explain to you quickly right now. You need to understand your foot morphology. It will help you to select the right shock absorption and the midsole. Your foot type will decide how thick the midsole, and also the lacing technique for your shoes.

In general, there 3 types of foot morphology: Normal foot, High arch, and Flat Foot.

Three Types of foot How to determine your foot morphology? There is a simple technique, called “Wet Test”. You can do it at home easily. • Put your feet in the water. • And step on to a paper. • When you look at your foot imprint, you will see 3 common foot types: Flat, Normal, and High. Use a paper to view your foot type Then decide the best shoes for your foot’s type • If you have a flat foot, buy cheap and thin insoles will help you during the long training sessions.

• For a high arch foot, you should ping pong shoe custom support midsole. • If you have a normal arch, choose the normal shoe without any modification Lacing technique for table tennis shoes There is also the perfect way to lace your shoes for your foot type.

There are 4 types of lacing techniques for your table tennis shoes. • Combination lacing: good for flat arch • Forefoot lacing: for a wide forefoot • Lock lacing: for who has a narrow heel • Midfoot lacing: best for table tennis, best for lateral movement Are badminton shoes good for table tennis? Some players asked me the difference between badminton and table tennis shoes.

Badminton shoes are in general, a little bit harder and heavier. Badminton shoes have a higher heel cap to protect your feet while moving laterally. Some peoples say that you can use the badminton shoes for table tennis. But I won’t recommend you to do that.

Because in table tennis, you need a light, and a thin sole. Please read below for the reason, that you shouldn’t use a badminton shoe or a tennis shoe for your table tennis. Buy a good table tennis shoe! Don’t use badminton shoes. Sizing Chart Instructions Before you purchase your shoes, please take the time to measure the insole of a current sports shoe you wear. Then compare it to the chart above and chose the correct size. Sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Size Chart for male As such, do not just order a size based on a different brand of shoe you wear.

The correct way to measure is from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel, between the two furthest points. I recommend you to buy a little bit larger size for your feet ( 1 size larger). Too small shoes will hurt your feet. Choose one size larger How to choose the best size for your table tennis shoes Here is the table to convert the size of your table tennis shoes to the EU, UK, CN scale.

US Size Euro Size Japan Size Inches mm 4.5 34 22.5 9 1/4 235 5 35 23 9 1/2 241 5.5 36 23.5 9 3/4 248 6 37 24 9 7/8 251 6.5 38 24.5 10 254 7 39 25 10 1/4 260 7.5 40 25.5 10 3/8 264 8 41 26 10 5/8 270 8.5 42 26.5 10 7/8 276 9 43 27 11 279 9.5 44 27.5 11 1/4 286 10 45 28 11 3/8 289 10.5 46 28.5 11 5/8 295 11 47 29 11 3/4 298 11.5 48 29.5 12 1/8 308 12 49 30 12 1/4 311 Sizing Chart Table Tennis Shoes Table tennis shoes for the Chinese National Team That’s why Chinese National Team members are extremely selective about their equipment.

Not only their blade and rubber but also their shoes. Each year, about 10 types of blade are given for National Team to try. And then it often takes 2 to 3 modification to satisfy them. About hundreds of thousands of blades are given to the Chinese National Team each year. The top player can easily feel the small difference in equipment.

For example, Zhang Jike uses 40.5 degrees on his Hurricane 3. Even though the DHS (Double Happiness) machines measure the precise value, Zhang Jike can still feel it when the hardness isn’t perfect or when the hardness isn’t what he wants. Zhang Jike personal shoes have letter J and K Different shoes can be made for different foot characteristics or different shapes. Modifications for grip and even appearance can also be done. China ping pong shoe studies morphology, ping pong shoe shape of the foot for each player Zhang Jike wants his left shoe to have the letter (J ***) on the back of his shoe, with 3 stars underneath it to symbolize Grand Slam winner, and his right shoe to have the letter “K” but with only one star underneath it, and 2 question marks.

Zhang Jike’s feet is also unique in that size 25.5 is too small for him while size 26 is too big. So the team buys 25.5 for him but also buys an expander in which they put the shoe for 3 days to have it expanded to 25.75. They want to have the perfect possible types of equipment! Measurement of foot type of Ma Long I sill see some amateurs players go to the club, with the outdoor shoes, or very high heel cap shoes.

It’s not serious! Just buy a good and cheap table tennis shoes! It’s designed to train and improve your table tennis techniques correctly! Top 16 Table Tennis Brands [Official Website] ©PINGSUNDAY.

Unauthorized use, translation or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. Link and excerpt may be used, provided that clear credit is given to PingSunday with the specific link to the original content. Sign up and join +65k readers. Get free coaching ebooks and coaching advice every week There are many great table tennis shoes that you can find in stores both online and in-store.

Which model you choose to go for, depends on what type of player you are and how often you play. If you are just a recreational player who plays for fun at home, any sports shoe could be right for you. Yet if you want to improve your playing skills or master the game, you should only consider the best table tennis shoes.

Table of Contents • Best Table Tennis Shoes • Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes • Lezoline Rifones — Best Overall • Lezoline Gigu • Lezoline Sal • Lezoline Trynex • Mizuno Table Tennis Shoes • Mizuno Wave Drive 8 — Most Breathable • ASICS Table Tennis Shoes • ASICS Gel Rocket 8 • ASICS Gel Rocket 9 • JOOLA • JOOLA Cuckoo — Most Lightweight • DONIC • DONIC Daytona • Other Quality Shoes for Table Tennis • LI-NING APT001 • Characteristics For a Quality Pair of Shoes • Know Your Foot Types • Foot Measure • Size Chart • FAQS • What is Special About Table Tennis Shoes?

• Are Badminton and Table Tennis Shoes the Same? • Can You Use Tennis Shoes for Table Tennis? • What Table Tennis Shoes Do the Pros Wear? • Conclusion Best Table Tennis Shoes A good table tennis shoe will help to keep your balance and protect your feet when playing for long hours. Each model comes with its benefits and drawbacks which we have clearly outlined for you to make your decision-making process simpler.

We’ve broken up our selection by the top table tennis shoe brands: • Butterfly • Mizuno • Asics • JOOLA • Donic There are many high-quality women’s table tennis shoes as well, but we’ve focused on men’s shoes for this article. Butterfly Table Tennis Shoes Butterfly table tennis shoes are great footwear choices. Lezoline Rifones — Best Overall The Lezoline Rifones are very comfortable. They are designed with quality mesh material that provides good grip when you are playing.

It features a one-sided shoe tongue: this feature connects only the inside part of the shoe tongue. Helping prevent undesired movements when playing table tennis. Used by professionals and available in multiple colors, these are the best shoes for table tennis in our opinion. Ping pong shoe rating: 9.7 Lezoline Gigu CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 4.5-12 • Material: Synthetic fiber, synthetic leather, rubber • Weight: 1.32lb • Colour: Black/red, white/silver Pros: • Super shock absorption • Great grip Cons: • Expensive If thick soles are important to you, this may be the pair of shoes you need.

The Lezoline Gigu table tennis shoes ping pong shoe the thickest sole of the Lezoline series. its B-Absorber specializes in shock absorption and is located between the outer and middle sole. Absorbed impacts are also redistributed to assist with quick foot movements. The outer sole uses Wingrip, a uniquely designed texture that provides maximum grip and helps develop correct movement. Our rating: 9.6 Lezoline Sal CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 4.5-12 • Material: Mesh, leather, rubber • Weight: 1.7lb • Colour: Ping pong shoe, blue, lime green, gray, pink Pros: • Has a flexible structure • Very comfortable • Low profile sole Cons: • The insole and bottom of the shoes can be too thin for some people.

The Lezoline Sal is another high-end ping pong shoe that you can get from Butterfly. It is stylish and long-lasting. Available in a variety of colors to meet the preferences of any player. The mesh-surface material offers breathability. It has a very soft insole with good air intake. It is also very grippy despite my body weight of 100 kg. They are very stable and comfortable. Available in five different colors, there is a lot of ping pong shoe to choose from to fit your style, but we feel the pink edition may be more of a woman’s table tennis shoe than a man’s!

Our rating: 9.3 Lezoline Trynex CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 4.5-8.5 • Material: Mesh, rubber • Weight: 1.2lb • Colour: Black, blue, navy, red Pros: • Built with quality material • Very light and very comfortable to wear Cons: • The shoelaces are too short The Lezoline Trynex features a quality rubber sole that gives you a superb grip on any surface.

It is also incredibly lightweight — it is one of the lightest shoes we could find making it ideal for young players or anyone that fatigues quickly during training. The non-marking outsole also provides great ground contact. I love the quality and flexibility of this model; they are great shoes for table tennis.

Our rating: 8.9 Mizuno Table Tennis Shoes Mizuno Wave Drive 8 — Most Breathable This Mizuno Wave Drive 8 is a very popular shoe in the Wave Drive series.

The flexibility of the shoes gives stability while playing table tennis. The Wave Drive 8’s have maintained the basic characteristics of the prior versions of Mizuno Wave Drive shoes but look far more aesthetically pleasing. We rate the cushioning of this shoe which uses infinity wave technology.

This innovative technology makes it shock absorbent placing less stress on your feet mitigating soreness and injuries. These table tennis sneakers also offer a perfect fit and flexibility to allow your foot to adapt to its natural gait. The enhanced midsole gives you a soft and comfortable feel. Another good selling point is the super ventilation this shoe provides. The use of AirMesh materials helps prevent your feet from overheating and encourages cool air to flow which keeps you cool.

We think it’s the best men’s table tennis shoes for breathability. If you’re interested, we also ping pong shoe more details about different Mizuno Wave Drive ping pong shoe. Our rating: 9.4 ASICS Table Tennis Shoes Here are a couple of our favorites. If you want to see more, we wrote a full review of ASICS table tennis shoes.

ASICS Gel Rocket 8 CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 7.5 • Material: Synthetic material, rubber • Weight: 1.63lbs • Colour: Blue Pros: • Good support • High durability Cons: • Designed for running, not table tennis The Asics Gel Rocket 8 is a good shoe if you play on a hard surface. While it is not specifically designed for table tennis, it is better than most shoes available in the market.

It has a great insole design which will offer you good protection from getting pain in the shins and heels. Another area the shoes shines in is in term of durability. They are well-built and last a very long time. However, it is quite an old ping pong shoe now and has largely been replaced by the Gel Rocket 9.

If you are interested, you can read more about this shoe by following this link. Our rating: 8.4 ASICS Gel Rocket 9 CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 5-14 • Material: Synthetic material, rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate • Weight: 1.63lbs • Colour: Black sunrise red, black/white, white pure gold Pros: • Available at a reasonable price • The insole is very secure • Has very good cover-up for your feet Cons: • A bit stiff in the sole • Not washer-friendly • Not specifically designed for table tennis Asics Gel Rocket 9 was released in 2019.

These are part of ASICS’s Gel-Rocket Series and are the 9th version. The Gel Rocket 9’s are quite popular because they are of good quality and reasonably priced. These shoes are in fact made for volleyball, we would never usually recommend volleyball shoes as they tend to have thick outer soles and are overly heavy for table tennis.

However, we’ve made an exception for this model as they are not too thick and are well-weighted. It seems players from other sports have recognized their versatility as well, as they are proving popular in sports such as badminton and squash.

In comparison to the Gel Rocket 8, they look pretty much identical except for some slight differences in the fabric and stitching. Our rating: 8.7 JOOLA JOOLA Cuckoo — Most Lightweight CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 6-7 • Material: Fabric, mesh • Weight: 1lb • Colour: Blue/orange Pros: • Incredibly lightweight • Very flexible Cons: • Boring design JOOLA Cuckoo is specially designed to meet the demands of the best players.

They are high-end shoes made with a grippy sole. They feature a perforated toe box, upper, and tongue for high levels of breathability. They also use a shock-absorbing midsole which helps reduce stress on your feet and joints which keeps you playing for longer. The ultimate selling point of these shoes is their weight. They are the lightest shoes on this list, so if you like are pursuing a lightweight shoe it is certainly one to keep in mind.

My only peeve with these shoes is the design. I personally prefer something a little more glamorous, but to each their own. There are more JOOLA shoes in this post. Our rating: 9.3 DONIC DONIC Daytona CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 7 • Material: EVA, nylon, synthetic material • Weight: 1.14lb • Colour: Lime-green Pros: • Lightweight • Eye-catching • Very flexible Cons: • Style not to everyone’s taste Available in lime-green, the Donic Daytona is a vibrant shoe for players looking to make a statement in the sports hall.

The highly flexible middle sole provides ample cushioning for heavy impacts while the grippy outer sole gives you a strong foundation. The shoe uses both breathable nylon mesh and soft synthetic leather for maximum comfort and to keep your feet cool. It is another very light shoe making it suited for quick movements and long training sessions. Our rating: 9 Other Quality Shoes for Table Tennis LI-NING APT001 CHECK CURRENT PRICE Specifications: • Size: 9 • Material: • Weight: 1.7lb • Colour: Grey/black, red Pros: • Highly breathable • Anti-collision toe cap prolongs life Cons: • Not a specialized table tennis manufacturer The APT0001’s are a great shoe for breathability.

Much of the shoe uses mesh material and the sole also features ventilation holes allowing more air to escape them from most other shoes. The outer sole also provides optimal grip. It is textured with three-dimensional irregular geometric figures that are anti-skid and resist wear. Another great feature is the anti-collision toe cap. The inner lining features additional support to enhance comfort and extend the shoe’s life.

A great choice for players who often vary the ping pong shoe of their positioning such as lobbers and choppers. Our rating: 9.4 Characteristics For a Quality Pair of Shoes Flexible Some players consider flexibility and ground feel, along with the stability they provide, to be of importance.

Shoes need to be flexible as table tennis involves a lot of irregular movement and you don’t want to be restricted by your footwear. Sole toughness Let’s face it. The primary reason for wearing shoes, especially the best ping pong shoes, is to prevent injuries while playing the game.

Therefore, the strength of the sole is important. If you play often, you need a sole that is highly resistant to wear. Support The best ping pong shoes provide good support. However, some people need arch support or anti-pronation control devices. These devices reduce the flexibility of the shoe considerably.

Cushioning Some people feel ping pong shoe with thin soles and want to add cushioning to their shoes. Such cushioning reduces flexibility. Cushioning, by itself, does not affect the ability to perform the forefoot landing, unless that cushioning is mostly in the heel. Lightweight With the right pair of shoes, your feet should not feel labored when moving. Speed and endurance are adversely affected by carrying extra weight on your feet.

Having a pair of shoes that are heavy is the biggest mistake you can make when choosing footwear. Know Your Foot Types Before you rush to buy new shoes, know that there are 3 types of foot morphology.

All need different shoe structures. To determine your foot morphology, grab a blank sheet of paper, then wet ping pong shoe feet and step on it. The imprint your feet leaves will indicate what type of feet you have. Once you know your foot type, you know whether you need to buy specialized shoes or insoles to correct your feet. Foot Measure Prepare a blank sheet of paper and a ruler. Step on the white paper with your foot. Use a pen to mark the heel and the longest toe.

Take the distance between the two points as the correct foot length, as shown in the picture. If the measurement is not equal for the left and right foot, you should take the long foot as the real measurement. Size Chart You need to know the size of the shoes before buying. Certain areas use different types of measurements for shoe sizes.

Make sure you convert the size if needed. Below is the size chart for different continents.

FAQS What is Special About Table Tennis Shoes? Table tennis shoes are specifically tailored to the movements of table tennis. This makes them more suited to ping pong than other types of sports shoes you can buy. Predominantly, table tennis shoes are comfortable and lightweight. They do not need thick outer soles as some other sports do. They ping pong shoe shouldn’t have a high heel cap as this can restrict sideways movement and lead to ankle rolling or other injuries.

Are Badminton and Table Tennis Shoes the Same? Badminton shoes are fairly similar to table tennis shoes. Being an indoor sport, their shoes are grippy and fairly lightweight.

However, badminton incorporates more jumping and running than table tennis. As a result, their shoes have thicker outer soles and they are a little heavier. But most of the time they are not bad substitutes for table tennis shoes.

Can You Use Tennis Shoes for Table Tennis? Tennis shoes are less suited to table tennis than badminton ones are. This is because tennis is an outdoor sport so the functionality of the shoe differs. The main drawback to these styles of shoes are the outer soles.

They are not made from the same specialized rubber that is used for indoor sports. I advise that you avoid tennis shoes for table tennis when possible. What Table Tennis Shoes Do the Pros Wear? Mizuno and Butterfly shoes seem to be particularly popular among the pros. We believe Dimitrij Ovtcharov is currently using Lezoline Rifones while Timo Boll is using Lezoline TB’s.

Conclusion That about wraps up our review of the best table tennis shoes. We’ve detailed a lot of different shoes we love and some weren’t even specifically designed for table tennis.

This shows that there are gems that you can unearth, but of course, it is much easier to stick to more reliable shoes created by ping pong shoe table tennis manufacturers. In our opinion, the best table tennis shoe of 2022 is the Lezoline Rifone. They excel in almost every category and are used by professionals. If it’s good enough for them, it’s almost certainly good enough for us. We understand they are a little pricey, so if you are on a budget perhaps consider the JOOLA Cuckoo or the LI-NING APT001 instead.

They are some of the best budget ping pong shoes.
Footwork is an underrated and important part of playing table tennis. Elite footwork is key to becoming a better player, and it is more significant to get the right kind of sneakers that can help you with your footwork.

Every table tennis coach will make sure that a young upcoming player improves his/her footwork before they can dispatch the smashes and lobs. Table of Contents • What is Different About Table Tennis Ping pong shoe • Best Table Tennis Ping pong shoe • Butterfly Lezoline Rifones • Mizuno Wave Drive A7 • ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 9 • JOOLA Cuckoo • Butterfly 8001 Classics • LI-NING Table Tennis Shoes • NikeCourt Lite Shoes • Adidas Tischtennis Shoes • JOOLA Bend • Donic Speedflex II • How to Choose Table Tennis Shoes • Lightweight • Sole Toughness • Flexibility • Cushioning • Ventilation • How to Take Care of Table Tennis Shoes • Table Tennis Shoe Brands • Butterfly • Mizuno • Adidas • Nike • Joola • ASICS • Frequently Asked Questions • Where Do I Buy Mizuno Table Tennis shoes?

• How Do I Make Table Tennis Shoes Sticky Again? • Conclusion What is Different About Table Tennis Shoes? For an amateur player, any kinds of indoor shoes are fine. However, for serious players, table tennis shoes are a major investment that they should not overlook.

These shoes are different when compared to normal ping pong shoe, in the sense that they are made of highly durable material with thinner soles. In addition to these features, the table tennis shoes are quite lightweight and offer good support to help you stay in the rally. They have a grip that suits the inside surface and allows the players to move nimbly around the table and assist the player to the maximum level. Best Table Tennis Shoes To help you choose, we have compiled a list of the best table tennis shoes you can purchase.

It is important to remember that you should consider your skill level, the playing surface, and the price before deciding on which pair to buy. Butterfly Lezoline Rifones It should come as no surprise that the best table tennis pair in the market belongs to Butterfly.

The Lezoline Rifones are ideally made to mix the substance with style and they do a wonderful job of fitting that description. While the Butterfly Lezoline Rifones costs an arm and a leg, we argue that it justifies the price tag because of what it offers. The pair is made for professional players that play at the highest level, and it has the stamp of approval of some of the biggest names in table tennis.

This can be seen in the construction of the shoes as the outer layer is made from the special KPU material that offers adaptability in all kinds of weather and a lot of adhesion. For players, this is perfect as it allows for easier sideway movements thanks to the lightweight cushioning. It has a lot of shock absorption and the midsole is elastic ping pong shoe you move quicker. This allows for a lot of balance and in a sport where irregular movements are common, this could be a fantastic investment.

The Lezoline Rifones is quite expensive, but it is worth it! Mizuno Wave Drive A7 Check Price Mizuno has been quietly making a name for themselves in the table tennis industry for producing world-class shoes. There are so many to choose from, but we have gone with the Wave Drive A7 because it is considered to be a favorite among the professionals, as well! The performance packed in these shoes is simply outstanding and you can be on top of your game wearing these.

The athletic sole is made to provide stability but also improved traction than other pairs in the market. Indoor games tend to get hot and sweaty, fairly quickly, so it is important to invest in a pair that offers ventilation for your feet, and there is no better option in this regard than the Wave Drive A7. However, the biggest reason for buying this has to be the fact that they are unisex, but that does not mean that the design has been compromised.

They are still one of the best-looking pairs you can buy and the comfort they provide is unmatched. Ideal for your pocket, too, so you can get a budget option when compared to the Butterfly products. ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 9 Check Price ASICS have outdone themselves with the Gel-Rocket 9, as they introduced the Trusstic System Technology, which allows for the reduction of the weight of the sole while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.

Made from manmade mesh, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 offers a lot of control to players that want better footwork, in particular. It has rubber that makes up the sole and in addition to that, they have a great fit and sole grip.

For indoor sports, there are fewer options better than the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 and we love it for its durability. It is a proper upgrade when compared to the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8, which came out ping pong shoe few years back.

If you liked using the Gel-Rocket 8, you will adore the quality of the Gel-Rocket 9 because it has all the upgrades and improvisations on the older model. JOOLA Cuckoo Check Price One of the most commonly used ping pong shoe tennis shoes is the JOOLA Cuckoo.

This is a high-end product that is common amongst the very best players. It has an improved grip thanks to the latest technology used by JOOLA in the product of the Cuckoo, which fits every player and provides them with maximum gain. The JOOLA Cuckoo is a highly advanced pair as it allows for the distribution of weight evenly across the structure of the sole, making it easier for players to move.

There is added protection for ankle and joints which is a big advantage for players that are prone to injuries. It comes in a beautiful design and is highly lightweight, making it one of the favorites amongst all levels of professional players.

Butterfly 8001 Classics Check Price If you are a fan of the classic products and the retro editions, you should buy the Butterfly 8001 Classic. It is one of the best-looking pairs in the market and has a wonderful design that looks so pleasing. The design is simple yet elegant, made for maximum performance.

The material used in the construction of the 8001 is soft canvas with rubber soles that have higher friction. There is a cushion for comfort and improved traction that allows for precision movements around the table, helping you get to all kinds of balls. LI-NING Table Tennis Shoes One of the less commonly known, but superior options is the LI-NING pair.

LI-NING is not as well-known as companies like JOOLA, Butterfly, STIGA, etc. This does not mean that their products are bad; it simply means that people are reluctant to spend on these products. We took the leap of faith on your behalf and tried playing in the LI-NING Table Tennis shoes and it was a fantastic ping pong shoe. Made from the famous PU microfiber and nylon uppers, the shoes provide great stability and support to all players.

They have the famous no-slip grip design ideally made for greater performance, stability, durability. NikeCourt Lite Shoes Check Price Nike produces fantastic sports gear for almost all levels of sports. It comes as no surprise that they have developed shoes ideally made for table tennis, as well. While, these are not exclusively for table tennis, the Court Lite edition of Nike is more than suitable for professional table tennis play. These table tennis sneakers from Nike offer great durability as they are made from synthetic material.

They provide a lot of synthetic cushioning and comfortable fitting thanks to the mesh material. You do not need to worry about sweating out of your socks because the Court Lite shoes will allow your feet to breathe. Adidas Tischtennis Shoes Check Price The Adidas Tischtennis is one of the best shoes even on this list.

It is not used as commonly as the other shoes. However, when talking about performance and quality, the Tischtennis is unmatched. Tischtennis translates to table tennis in German, and if you are looking for a lightweight pair to complement your nimble and lightning-quick gameplay, you should look no further than the Adidas Tischtennis!

With outside made of rubber, it has an interior made of leather and mesh, and the retro design is definitely to die for! JOOLA Bend Check Price One of the most underrated inclusions on the list, the JOOLA Bend is a stylish table tennis pair that offers optimum gameplay, as well.

You feel like you are walking on air when you wear the JOOLA Bend and is accompanied by some seriously high-quality technology.

Made from nano-PU material mixed with breathable mesh material, the Bend allows for dispensation of sweat and perspiration. It has a fantastic middle sole, made of Pylone that keeps the shoe lightweight but also durable. Donic Speedflex II The Donic Speedflex II is an ideal purchase for recreational and amateur players.

If you ping pong shoe not a professional but want to start playing at a higher level, it is important to invest in a good pair of shoes that are made ideally for table tennis. We recommend the Speedflex II by Donic that has a classic design and the upper material is made from breathable material. How to Choose Table Tennis Shoes You should know the things to look out for, before investing in table tennis sneakers.

For your ease, we have mentioned some of the ping pong shoe that you need to look for in table tennis shoes: Lightweight Always remember to invest in a pair that is highly lightweight and does not influence the game negatively due to its weight.

You should feel like you are playing barefoot, so that you can be fast around the table. Sole Toughness The table tennis shoes you are purchasing, need to have a strong sole. This helps in avoiding injuries as you have to move nimbly and make inconsistent movements. Flexibility Make sure the upper and the inner of the shoes are made from flexible materials, otherwise your feet will remain planted and it will be tougher to move around. Cushioning The thinner the soles, the better you can move, but some people prefer their shoes to be well-cushioned to ensure comfort.

This is majorly up to you, but remember that cushioning in some cases adds weight, too. Ventilation You need to invest in a pair that allows your feet to breathe and air to pass.

Nobody likes sweaty feet and they negatively impact your game, as well. How to Take Care of Table Tennis Shoes Like all things, it is crucial to take care of your table tennis shoes. They cost quite a bit and it does not make a lot of sense to use them carelessly. You should ensure that they do not become dusty. The sole needs to be cleaned regularly, but try to avoid getting it wet. Clean the rubber as it allows for tackiness and that could be crucial in avoiding any kinds of injuries.

If you feel that the rubber has lost its tackiness, you can purchase the Yonex Shoe Spray that allows your shoe to regain its tackiness. Although, a simple rub can also do wonders, now and then. Table Tennis Shoe Brands Many brands around the world manufacture quality table tennis shoes.

We have included shoes from all of the brands on our list. Butterfly Butterfly is one of the most famous brands that manufacture table tennis products. They have also excelled in producing world-class table tennis sneakers, with the 8001 Ping pong shoe and the Lezoline Rifones leading the way.

Trusted brands allow for greater insurance in investment. Mizuno Mizuno is not as well-known as Butterfly ping pong shoe the table tennis market. However, Mizuno table tennis shoes are very well-known and worn by most professional players, as well. They have quality products and their Wave series has been very successful. Adidas Adidas is a household name in sports and they are one of the best companies in the world.

They do not have a range of table tennis shoes to choose from, but the few that they do have, are exceptional options for all levels of players. Their indoor shoes are more than perfect for table tennis but if you want the best, then we suggest investing in the Adidas Tischtennis.

Nike Another famous company, known for making kicks, and other sports gear, Nike is not a renowned name in table tennis, but you can buy their table tennis shoes. They have a range of indoor shoe products that should be fine for playing table tennis but their Court Lite pair stands out.

Joola JOOLA has been around for a long time, but they have started making table tennis shoes only recently. This does not mean their products are not good enough, as we experienced the JOOLA Court pair to be more than capable. The JOOLA Bend, however, is one of the best shoes, as explained on our list of best table tennis shoes, above. ASICS ASICS is a Japanese multinational company that excels in making some of the best table tennis shoes, you will find in the market.

Their products are not only durable but also combine performance with style. The Gel-Rocket series of ASICS has garnered interest from professionals all around the world and every model is introduced with superb upgrades. Frequently Asked Questions Where Do I Buy Mizuno Table Tennis shoes? Ping pong shoe can find different designs and colors available in Mizuno Table Tennis shoes, for both men and women.

The most reliable website to buy table tennis shoes is the official website of the Mizuno online store: Mizuno EU. However, some of the other reliable websites that can deliver you Mizuno Table Tennis shoes are TableTennis11, Amazon, and TT-Japan. How Do I Make Table Tennis Shoes Sticky Again?

You need to have sticky and solid shoes rather than slippery ones when playing table tennis. You can make your old table tennis shoes sticky again by applying products that bring back the lost grip of the shoe. These products are easily available in the market.

One of the most common is the “Yonex Shoe Spray.” But before applying anything, it is advised to scrub and rub the rubber sole of the shoe until it starts to feel stickier and duller again. Conclusion We hope this guide helped you select your new kicks for playing table tennis. Let us know, if we missed out on your favorite table tennis shoes, and suggest us some more options, to improve this guide for others!

Matt is founder of Pong Place and has been a table tennis addict from an early age. He had regular ping pong matches with his dad in their basement and learned how to counteract his ping pong shoe maneuvers over the years. Though he still plays, his main passion is educating others about the joys of ping pong, learning about new products and making the sport more accessible to people like you. Not all top-rated table tennis shoes are as described.

In fact, there is a lot more to these sport-specific shoes than you might first be aware of. The best table tennis shoes will comfortably support the arches of your feet while also being thin enough for ultimate flexibility. They will cushion your feet and provide a chance for everything to breathe as you go toe to toe with your opponent.

After scouring the market, we found six of the best table tennis sneakers. They have anti-slip grips, shock-absorbing soles, and will really enhance your game. The shoes we found come in a wide range of colors and sizes. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find a pair that will work specifically for your needs. Table tennis is a fun game full of ping pong shoe and reflexes.

The right shoe can really make or break your game. Find a pair of shoes that will reflect your personality and improve your skills. Color selection abounds with Butterfly Groovy shoes. You can select from black and gold, blue, pink, navy and pink, and white color combinations. Really, whatever your personality is, there is a color combination that will reflect that.

Butterfly Groovy shoes are made to be extremely grippy. You won’t be sliding around as you race to score your next table tennis point. Furthermore, these shoes are incredibly lightweight thanks to the very thin midsole. You won’t be weighed down by thick soles, and instead, it will feel as if you’re running around in bare feet.

Another feature is the sole’s flexibility. Because it is so thin, you can quickly push off as your race to the other end of the court. And, if you happen to jump, there is still enough cushioning to pad your return.

Why is it special? Butterfly Groovy table tennis shoes will help you make an impact on the court. All the color combinations are a real treat. Furthermore, the lightweight and flexible construction means this is a pair of shoes that will improve your game.

What are the flaws? We get that shoes are all about famous brands, but in this case, the manufacturer may have gone too far. The Butterfly logo stands out quite prominently across the toes, which may take away from the overall aesthetics.

However, if you love the brand, then this might be more of a pro than a con. While the Butterfly brand of table tennis shoes is known for its myriad of color choices, the Rifones take this one step further.

The color combinations are truly out of this world and include pink, lime green, and navy. However, if you want something more basic, there is a style where the shoes are mostly ping pong shoe with a subtle hint of pink. The Butterfly Rifones table tennis shoes are our Premium Pick because of their construction.

While other shoes from this brand are lightweight and flexible, this style is even more so. The sole contains a shock-absorbing sponge that will cushion your arches while still allowing maximum mobility. You can run, jump, and land on your feet without worrying about injuries, especially if you already suffer from previous ankle or knee injuries. To excel at table tennis, you need sure footing.

With the Butterfly Rifones shoes, you get just that. The tread has an incredible grip so you can quickly pivot and move from one corner of the table to the other without worrying about slipping and sliding. What stands out? The colors are absolutely wild. They are bold, and fun, and there is also a more muted option if you so desire. The grip is fantastic, ping pong shoe this is definitely a shoe meant to increase your table tennis performance.

What ping pong shoe did we manage to find? The amazing cushioning in these shoes won’t last forever. If you love your table tennis shoes and use them regularly, you will have to invest in new ping pong shoe every year. Because the Butterfly Rifones shoes come ping pong shoe a higher price, you will need to budget for this expense. For those wanting a decent pair of table tennis shoes and don’t want to pay a premium, the LI-NING WHIRLWIND shoes are a great product.

Their color combination is a stark white by the toes that spreads into a royal blue at the heel. The soles are perfect for playing table tennis as they don’t leave marks. Furthermore, the soles have deep grooves that allow you to quickly pivot as you play, without any worrying about skidding to an ungraceful stop. Around the toes there is a toe cap that prevents collisions.

You can wear these shoes while playing table tennis, playing basketball, or while walking. They are quite versatile and because of this, provide even more mileage out of your money. To make this an even more budget-friendly purchase, the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there are any issues, Li-NING urges you to contact them so they can be resolved.

What are our favorite features? It’s always nice to find a pair of shoes that don’t break the bank. At such an affordable price, you can stock up. As well, the great construction means you can still have a competitive edge against your next opponent. What could be better? While the blue and white color combination is nice, it would be better if there were more color options.

Also, while you can use these shoes for multiple purposes, it’s best to keep them as indoor table tennis shoes so that the white doesn’t become dirty.

It may seem like the best shoes for table tennis come from lesser known brands, but this is not always so. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 are manufactured by ASICS, which is well known in the sports arena. While these shoes are labeled as volleyball shoes, their indoor, non-marking soles make them versatile enough for table tennis. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 shoes come in many different color combinations, including white/pure gold, grey/blue, red/white, and black/pink.

All have ASIC’s signature criss-cross design over top of the colors. For construction, these shoes offer amazing support. They have a GEL cushioning system that really supports your arches. You can run and jump and not worry about any injuries to the rest of your body, especially your knees. Inside the shoes are a sock liner. This actually molds to your feet so that the more you wear these shoes, the more comfortable they will actually become.

And, if you wear orthotics, you can actually remove the sock liners for more space. What stands out? Table tennis can be a demanding sport, and the more support you have, the better. The construction of the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 shoes means a much lower risk of injury.

Plus, the innovative technology of ping pong shoe sock liner means the comfort level will actually improve over time. What cons did we manage to find? The sizing runs a bit larger, so it’s recommended to purchase a half size smaller.

Other than that, the name is really the biggest deterrent. Being labeled a Volleyball shoe, many table tennis players may pass this model by, which is a real shame. The trend in sport shoes, no matter what the sport, is to have a flashy pattern that shows off your creative self. However, the Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 shoes have ping pong shoe that one color tone works just one well. These color choices include black, red, white, silver, blue, and khaki.

There is some texture on the mesh fabric, and no matter what color you choose, the Inov-8 logo is white and on the side of the shoes. The Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 shoes are lightweight and flexible. They allow you to squat and bend, improving your take-off as you dash across the floor to expertly respond to your opponent. For construction, the toe part of the shoes are wider, allowing your toes plenty of space. As most athletes know, sweating means expansion. It’s nice that these shoes allow enough space for your toes to expand.

This also means there won’t be any rubbing along the sides, which can quickly lead to blisters. Why are we impressed? The construction of these shows that they are an athlete’s shoe. The roominess in the toe area is great, as is the elastic mesh liner, which really allows your feet to breath. All the color combinations are nice to choose from, and they’re a great option if you like color but don’t like busy designs. What negatives must you be aware of? While the Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 are fairly light, there are much lighter options on the market.

The Butterfly company has a lot of options when it comes to the best shoes for table tennis. The Butterfly Trynex shoes are a bit more subtle, a bit cheaper, but still have all the qualities you’ve come to expect from the brand. Unlike other Butterfly shoes on our list, the Trynex shoes only come in blue or red colors.

These accent colors are on white mesh, which either makes the shoes sophisticated or boring, depending on your personal tastes. The grip on the Butterfly Trynex shoes are amazing. They allow you to move quickly and stop suddenly so you can really let your paddle fly.

You won’t have to worry about tripping or sliding with this pair of shoes. Ping pong shoe for the sole, it is nicely cushioned with EVA memory foam. Not only is this supportive, but it is also lightweight. Finally, the price on the Butterfly Trynex shoes is less than other similar shoes.

They are great, affordable ping pong shoes or table tennis shoes. What do we love it for? The supportive construction and low price make the Butterfly Trynex a winning combination. These shoes are some of the best ping pong shoes as well as table tennis shoes.

What were we disappointed with? While they may score in the area of price, the Butterfly Trynex shoes lose points in the area of design.

The white background is nice, if a little boring. There are only two-color choices, red and blue. As younger people enter the sport of table tennis, they want the option of colors that really represent their personalities. Things to Consider Finding the best shoes for table tennis can seem a bit difficult, but if you start breaking down your purchase, it is actually quite manageable. Look to our Buying Guide to help you understand what is important in your shoes and what will bring you the confidence and skill to win against your next opponent.

Features to consider when choosing table tennis shoes A good pair of table tennis shoes will enhance your game and make you a formidable force. Don’t be fooled by their simple design. Behind each pair of shoes is a long process to envision and then create all the amazing features they offer.

Be sure to consider these options as you shop for your next pair. Sole construction All table tennis shoes have no-slip soles, but beyond that there are many differences between each product.

Table tennis is about reacting to your opponent and can require a lot of quick movements and sudden pivots. You want a pair of shoes that has enough grip to get you around while also being light enough, so they don’t weigh you down.

The Butterfly Groovy shoes have an incredible grip. They are made for movement. The Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 shoes have an outsole that is very flexible. The thinner the sole is, and the more flexible it, is the easier you can move around. This not only includes side to side but up and down, as well.

If you can bend in your shoes, it allows you to position your knees so as to take weight off your body. This is important as it will prevent injuries in the long run.

Cushioning Cushioning is a tricky part of table tennis shoes. You want a lightweight, flexible shoe, but this can’t come at the expense of cushioning. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 shoes do this really well. They have a GEL Cushioning System.

The cushioning is in the mid-sole, which sits just above the outsole. It cradles your feet, but because it is made from a proprietary gel, it is very lightweight. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 shoes also have a sock liner that adapts to the shape of your feet. In fact, the more you wear these shoes, the more comfortable they become. It’s always amazing how innovative shoe companies are. The arches in your feet can start to drop if they aren’t adequately supported.

Good arch support in table tennis shoes is ping pong shoe as there is so much movement and impacts. Be sure to look for a pair of shoes that highlights this, such as the Butterfly Rifones shoes. Outer material While the soles of table tennis shoes are rubber, the upper material will be a mesh fabric. Mesh allows your feet to breath and move. The longer you play tennis, the more your feet will expand. Mesh naturally expands so you can have comfort the whole time you’re playing.

Look for roominess in the toe area so that your feet can wriggle around a bit. Toes are prone to blisters if they are confined. Even a little ping pong shoe of friction between your toes and shoes can quickly lead to blisters, which will greatly hamper your game. Sizes and colors available It used to be that sports shoes were a boring white. Now, you can find shoes in just about any color imaginable.

Even the most budget-friendly table tennis shoe will still have some zing to it. However, there are only some shoe brands that offer multiple color combinations for each model of shoe. For example, the LI-NING WHIRLWIND shoes are very budget-friendly but only come in one color combination of blue and white.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Butterfly Rifones shoes have a heftier price tag but come in innovative color choices such as neon green and vivid pink. The table tennis shoes on our list all have standard mid-range sizes although some have a wider selection.

The Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 shoes range from 9.5 to 12.5, and the ASICS Men’s Ping pong shoe 9 shoes have the best range, of 6 to 15. Unfortunately, there are some shoes that have limited size ranges. The Butterfly Groovy shoes only come in sizes 4.5 to 6.5, and the LI-NING WHIRLWIND shoes only come in sizes 8 to 10. Because shoe sizes online can be limited, it’s best to start with this feature first. That way, you won’t be disappointed if you find the perfect shoes that aren’t actually in your size.

The final aspect about table tennis shoes is that, like other types of shoes, the sizing may be a bit off. For example, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 shoes run larger, so it’s recommended to purchase a half size smaller. This means if you’re naturally a size 9, purchase these shoes in a size 8.5. Likewise, if you wear orthotics, you may need to purchase a half size larger to accommodate any special braces or inserts.

Design Table tennis shoes are made to be light and nimble. While they can be used for table tennis, they can also be used for ping pong and indoor volleyball. In fact, some table tennis shoes can even be used for walking, although we don’t recommend taking them outside as they will become dirty and then not suitable for indoor use.

The design of table tennis shoes involves a thin sole, a mesh upper fabric, and good arch support in between. There should be a toe cap to protect your toes, especially as you pivot on the hard floor surface.

While table tennis shoes are indoor shoes and therefore not exposed to the dust and dirt from the outside, they are regularly exposed ping pong shoe the sweat that comes from a heated match. If you want to freshen them up, you can place your shoes in a washing machine. Simply ping pong shoe these steps: • Remove soles and laces • Place shoes in a laundry bag • Use regular laundry detergent and cold water • Allow them to air dry Now that there are more color options than ever, many table tennis shoes state they are unisex.

However, the sizes will most likely be in men’s sizes. You’ll have to look online for a comparison chart to find the right fit if you’re a woman. Unfortunately, this can mean that if you are a woman with smaller feet, there might not be enough sizes for you.

While shoe size availability is improving, there are still more steps needed for shoes to truly be considered unisex. Yes, anti-slip soles squeak. They are made out of a special rubber, and while they are great at gripping, this material has the tendency to squeak while you are running and stopping.

While there are some DIY ways to stop the squeaking. This includes sprinkling your shoes with baby powder and rubbing the bottom ping pong shoe a dryer sheet. However, if you play table tennis long enough, you do get ping pong shoe to the sound. Our Verdict If you’re ready to take your table tennis game to the next level, then you need to find the best table tennis sneakers.

Our Editor’s Choice are the Butterfly Groovy shoes. With amazing color combinations and an extremely thin sole, you’ll be sure to impress everyone. For those ping pong shoe have a bit more room in their budgets, consider the Butterfly Rifones shoes. Not only do these shoes come in vibrant colors, but their grip is truly incredible. Finally, if you want a budget-friendly option that is still under the umbrella of the best table tennis shoes, the LI-NING WHIRLWIND shoes are perfect.

They have excellent grip and a sophisticated, lightweight structure. Table tennis is all about reaction, and with any of our shoe options, you’ll be able to respond to your opponent in a memorable way.
Getting a properly fitting pair of table tennis shoes is essential to playing your best. Your shoes are what give you the traction and stability to stop, start, jump, and move into proper position for all your shots.

Since table tennis is a sport of quick, short bursts of footwork, lightness is a key element of a good table tennis shoe. PPD has shoes from many different brands and ping pong shoe wide variety of sizes and styles. Find a pair that’s a perfect fit for you today! Categories • Shop By Brands • aMayzing Sales • Daily Deals • Weekly Special • Everything you need to start playing. • 4 for 3 Rubber Special • Combos Tables / Robots • Combos • Fitness • Pickleball • Games (Indoor and Outdoor) • New Products 2022 • New Products 2021 • Tables • Robots • Blades • Rubber • Rackets • Racket Sets • Balls • Accessories • Clothing • Shoes • Special Certificates • PPD Gift Cards • PPD Rewards Club • Pre-Order • Coupon_St • TestWSP
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